The idea for With Bogart originated several years ago after I became unwell. Previously, I had been a happy, healthy student spending my days doing what I loved. Flying. I was afforded remarkable experiences, met wonderful people, and ultimately achieved my dream: my Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

And then, very suddenly, I became unwell and my world changed dramatically.

Countless aspects of my life were transformed and the simple freedom to move about was one of them. I was not well enough to wander shopping centres or city malls. Everything needed to happen online and, as I soon discovered, this was a time-consuming, and often dull, process.

The scope of the Web is tremendous and when you're searching for something specific, or even just wandering, you can be overwhelmed by the search results.

A Google search for stores offering what I was looking for would return thousands of results, the majority of which were useless: wrong price, wrong style, and wrong country.

Then one day a thought struck me: wouldn't it be great if there was a website that did all of the tedious work for me?

And so With Bogart was born.

Fast forward three years and the idea is now a reality: a Virtual Shopping Mall. An index of thousands of online clothing stores from around the world, organised to personalise, simplify, and modernise online shopping.

Not only do you have direct access to all of these stores - conveniently organised by the average price of their product, the country they're shipping from, and the styles they offer - but when you have an account, you also have the option of saving your favourites so you can find them quickly whenever you visit.

And every week we'll be adding more stores so you'll always be discovering something new.

We'll also be sharing new blogs each week (or Musings, if you may) covering what's trending, style inspiration, health and wellness, and social topics.

So, welcome to With Bogart. I hope it's what you've been looking for. 


PS. The name With Bogart has strong meaning for me. Before I began flying I worked an office job, saving for my flight training. I would use my lunch breaks to surround myself with all things aeroplanes and much of the time this meant searching for antique aircraft online.

The Stearman was one of my favourites. I fantasised about spending my weekends soaring in my very own, exposed to the quick, crisp winds, suspended in flawless skies. It appeared to me as would a debonair gentleman, decorous and poised, evoking thoughts of screen legend Humphrey Bogart. So I decided I would call my plane Bogart. And I would spend my fantastical weekends, With Bogart.

With Bogart is now a reality in a very different sense, but still one with great meaning for me.