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20 Best Women's Work Outfit Ideas to Make Dressing for the 'Office' Easy

by gemma prior
Women's work outfit ideas

For many of us, one of the major stressors when getting ready for work each morning is creating  office outfits you’re comfortable with in the limited time you have for dressing. 

Although since Covid the protocol for what you wear to work may have changed, women’s work outfits still generally need to tick several boxes including meeting any office dress code, comfort, practicality, and suitable for the weather.

And this is where a capsule wardrobe for work steps up.

A wardrobe with everything that's fundamental to your dress code ready and waiting to make styling for the office easier.

So if, rather than feeling overwhelmed every morning before work, you’d prefer a simple technique for creating women’s work outfits, then keep scrolling. 

Below you'll find out more about the valuable
capsule wardrobe technique as well as 20 chic office outfits to start wearing now.

The outfits I've included are not just 'standard' looks. They're a collection of classic ideas, prep-inspired outfits, and very contemporary styles.

So you're bound to find multiple ideas that will work for you, time-and-time again.


Eva Astoul from Sustainably Chic explains the capsule wardrobe well. 

‘A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of interchangeable clothing pieces that complement each other. These are often classic pieces that do not go out of style and are primarily composed of neutral colours. A capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different outfits with a small selection of clothes.’ 

This doesn’t mean you have nothing other than these core pieces, but encourages creating the foundations of your wardrobe with versatile fashion, that suits your lifestyle and that won’t date for many years.

You might occasionally add a piece that isn’t core and doesn’t share the same longevity, but excites your styling and keeps your capsule current.

And a capsule wardrobe for work may vary little from your everyday wardrobe.

These days, many of us include pieces when we're styling for social occasions that were previously for ‘office outfits’ alone.

Things like pencil skirts, blazers, tailored trousers and button-up shirts are regularly included in our social outfits. 

One of the key benefits of using the capsule wardrobe method is that it ensures you have all the core pieces you need for your lifestyle, which makes it so much easier to see and put together outfits, whether for work or play.

The reason for this simplification is that everything you have is there because you made a considered decisions when buying it. 

You have far fewer spontaneous purchases that go with very little else that’s in your wardrobe. 

With a capsule wardrobe for work you have only pieces you are comfortable wearing, pieces that fit you well, that work together and are easy to style with the other clothes you have.

And having a capsule wardrobe will usually mean your wardrobe is less crowded and overwhelming so everything is clearly visible, which also makes creating outfit ideas easier. 

Woman wearing brown blazer with black maxi dress and boots

Image: Pinterest

Here is a simple break down of the pieces I feel are key to a capsule wardrobe for work, but as I said earlier, these are also pieces that will likely be fundamental to your social wardrobe as well.

1. pant:

Whether a tailored pant, loungewear or a relaxed pull-on pant there are so many option these days as to what qualifies for the office wardrobe.

2. Jeans:

In the past, jeans may not have been something you considered for the office. But for some, the work dress code has relaxed quite a bit throughout COVID making jeans a go-to. 

3.  skirt:

With similar versatility to a tailored pant, the skirts I've included here can go from being paired with a singlet and some platform sandals to a trench coat with heels or boots. And they come in a variety of lengths as well, so you can pick the style that works best for your body.

4. shorts

Shorts are obviously not for everyone, but they are a simple way to add some variety to your wardrobe. And they’re very versatile, being suitable for the office or play, you could wear them with heels, flat sandals or sneakers. 

5. shirts:

Whether you’re wearing them with jeans or a more formal pant, they’re a key piece for simple styling.

6.  T-shirts & singlets:

Another piece of clothing that’s experienced changes when it comes to the jobs they fulfill, t-shirts can be so casual, but are also easy to pair with something a little more office-worthy like a tailored pant.


Another of the more relaxed wardrobe staples available to style up, whether for the office or a social event. A great piece for layering on those really cold days.


A simple pencil dress will never expire. They're solid wardrobe staples and are now another piece that works just as well in the office, as out.

9. Blazers:

I probably don’t need to say much about these ones. You can wear them anywhere and with anything. Pair with jeans, a pant, skirts or shorts and layer with cold-worthy pieces or just with something light under.

10.  Coat:

The key thing to consider when looking for coats or jackets is to make sure you look at ones in colours and styles that will work with the pieces you’ll be layering them with. As well as colours and styles that won’t date.

11.  Trench coat:

Another one of those timeless staples that will always have a place in your wardrobe. Perfect for the in-between seasons and valuable for casual looks, office outfits, as well as dressier occasions.

12.  Heels:

You may need both a heeled sandal for warm weather and a closed heel for cooler days. Yet again whatever you choose can be for work and social.

13. Boots:

A little warmer then a closed heel, boots can work with just about anything if you choose the right pair. For instance, if you plan to wear them with a pant and jeans, consider if they'll easily and stylishly work with the pant leg. Will they sit under the hem or are they slim-line and will sit comfortably inside the leg. 

And when it comes to skirts and dresses, consider where the top of the boot sits on your leg and whether this complements your figure and the outfits you'll pair them with.

14. Flats:

Whether they’re ballet flats or something with a pointed toe, they’ll no doubt work for both your office outfits as well as your social looks.

15. Bags:

Black and tan or brown are generally the key colours to have in you collection of bags. But this collection can grow as you need.


The idea for sharing some women’s work outfits came after one of my lovely followers on Instagram asked if I could offer some ideas for ways to style office basics. 

Hoping to help, I shared some simple office outfits to my Instagram account,
@withbogart, which turned out to be a very popular post! So many people liking and saving the ideas I shared.

So I thought perhaps there was good reason to share some more ideas!

As mentioned earlier, the concept of a capsule wardrobe has been used to style these work outfit ideas, using pieces you are likely to already own such as blazers, a trench or coat, shirts and tailored pants. 

And if you don’t own them already, they are key pieces of clothing that will come only with benefits if you do decide to buy them.

With most of these office outfits you can easily add a coat, trench or jacket depending on the weather.

You could also use a warmer or cooler pair of shoes, or add accessories like a scarf for extra cold weather.

Also, all of the pieces I’ve included to make these outfits can be used for much more than just your work wardrobe

These pieces can be used for many occasions, whether for a casual look or something dressier. 

Accessories are often one of the change-factors, but also things like pairing a knit rather than blazer with a tailored pant, or flats instead of heels, a tailored shirt with jeans rather than pencil skirt. 

So many options your head will be filled with ideas!

Your struggle won’t be in finding something to wear but in seeing so many ideas when you open your wardrobe that you want to wear them all at once!

Scroll down and find 20 simple but chic women’s work outfits to create with your capsule wardrobe for work.

And if there's anything missing or a style you'd like to see more of, let me know in the comments below so I can create more of what helps you the most!

Women's work outfit  Blazer with t-shirt and pencil skirt

Women's work outfit slip skirt with shirt and trench coat
Women's work outfit Pencil skirt with turtleneck knit and coat
Women's work outfit Pencil skirt with shirt and coat
Women's work outfit Blazer with t-shirt coat and jeans
Women's work outfit Coat with blazer white shirt and jeans
Women's work outfit Trench with jeans and shirt
Women's work outfit Coat with turtleneck knit and pants
Women's work outfit tan coat with knit and pants
Women's work outfit Trench coat with tshirt and silk pants
Women's work outfit Turtleneck knit with tshirt and pants
Women's work outfit oversized tshirt with pants
Women's work outfit Trench coat with shirt and pants
Women's work outfit Blazer with tshirt and pants
Women's work outfit Shirt with singlet and pants
Women's work outfit Blazer with tshirt and sweat pants
Women's work outfit Blazer with dress
Coat with dress and boots
Women's work outfit Blazer with tailored shorts and
Women's work outfit Trench with shirt and mini skirt


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